For my first post, I would like to discuss the purpose of the blog and my plans for it. This blog was created on a suggestion from my faculty mentor, Dr. Ali Arab, to help facilitate my research in applications of technology to human rights and to share it with the world. This research is an undertaking I started in the spring of 2013, when I studied how the American Association for the Advancement of Science used satellite imagery to monitor human rights conflict situations around the world. I thought about and investigated how technology could help AAAS in this endeavor, and presented my results in a poster at several conferences and symposia. I will discuss and embed this poster in my next post. Since then, I have written an essay about applications of geospatial technology to monitoring human rights by expanding on the research conducted for my poster and incorporating new research. Some of the technologies I hope to investigate in the near future include volunteered geographic information, geospatial technology, algorithms, geovisual analytics, and change detection analysis. I also plan to research statistical pattern recognition and other statistical methods in relation to human rights. I welcome all communication about the blog, and I would be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at geotechandhumanrights@gmail.comĀ or